The Strategic Focus of the Administration Department is toprovide an administrative support delivery system that ensures efficient and effective conduct of assessments. The Administration Department is headed by the Council Secretary.  The Council Secretary is assisted by the Principal Administration Officer for efficient service delivery. The Department is responsible for the day-to-day administrative operations of the Council. It comprises 7 sections/units namely:

  1. Human Resource;
  2. Administration;
  3. Procurement and Supplies;
  4. Maintenance;
  5. Audit;
  6. Technical Education Vocational and Enterprenuership Training (TEVET);
  7. Information Education and Communication

i.  Human Resource (HR) Section

The Section is responsible for recruitment, selection, placing and separation of human resource. It deals with general employee welfare and handles disciplinary cases and appeals (Secretary to Disciplinary Committees). It also coordinates the development and implementation of the Council’s Training Policy and the HIV/AIDS Workplace Programme. Other responsibilities include staff development, salary and wage administration issues. Under the Registry, the HR Section keeps inventory of professional mail and files and handles incoming and outgoing hard copy mail. The Telecom Switchboard is under the HR Unit.

ii. Administration Section

The Administration Section works hand in hand with Council Secretary in the day-to-day administration of the ECZ. The Section oversees the functions in Stores, Printing, Security, Records and Transport Sections.

a)      Stores Section
The Section is responsible for receiving  goods from suppliers upon being satisfied with the specifications. It carries out systematically the goods received and issues out goods to requesting departments. The Unit also advises departments on the low stock levels and conducts stock take of all the items in stores every quarter.

b)      Printing Section
The key function is to provide photocopying, duplicating, printing and print finishing services to various Council Departments. The Section is also responsible for advising management and the Council on printing works outsourced. It has the function of printing examination question papers for Technical Education Vocational and Enterprenuership Training (TEVET) and Teacher Education examinations and administrative documents as required. The Section also prints examination materials for Grade 9 and 12. Others are Circulars and Timetables to all schools.

c)     Security Section
The Responibilities inlude safeguarding of all council Propoerty and personnel, controls the movement of peeople (i.e. inside and outside) and screening the vehicles leaving the Council premises.It povides security in conjunction with State Police during the delivery of examination materials to all the districts in Zambia. The Section also investigates examination malpractices in liason with the State Police.

d)   Records Section
The Section is responsibe for the combination of Grade 9 results, authentication and verification of examination results, Other responsibilities are replacement of lost or damaged Certificates and attending Court Cases to provide evidence in instances of examination malpractices or forgery of examination results. Printing of intermittently demanded Certificates is undertaken by the Section. Most importantly, the Section is the custodian of all ECZ examination results records.

e) Transport Section
The Section is responsible for the provision of all transport requirement. It also coordinates vehicle maintenance and conducts minor maintenance works to ECZ vehicles.

iii. Procurement and Supplies  Unit
The Section has the key function of providing goods and services to ensure there is no interruption in the operations of the ECZ. It also coordinates the preparation of the Annual Procurement Plan. The Section’s Strategic Focus is to; “ensure timely provision of goods and services  that ensures efficient and effective conduct of  assessments whilst getting value for money.”The Section annually conducts major tenders. The Five (5) major annual procurement tenders include :

  1. Security printing, packaging and delivery School examinations question papers.
  2. Services for distribution of examinations materials to all districts.
  3. Security printing of Certificates.
  4. Marking centres.
  5. Examinations stationery.

 iv. Maintenance Section
The Section conducts daily repair and maintenance of Council property as well as general cleaning of offices and surroundings.

The Section is entrusted with the responsible of providing audit and assurance services to all the Sections and Departments of the Examinations Council of Zambia.

Vi. Technical Education Vocationa and Enterprenuership training (TEVET) Section

The Section is charged with the responsibiity of conducting and managing  the few TEVET Programmes that are still being administered by the ECZ. Most of the TEVET programmes have been transfered to Technical Education  Vocational and Enterprenuership Training Authority (TEVETA) in accordance with the law. TEVETA is now mandated to conduct and administer TEVET programmes in Zambia. The Transfer Schedule of TEVET programmes from ECZ to TEVETA should be completed by December 2013.

vii. Information Education and Communication Section
The IEC Section provides an effective public relations interface between the ECZ, candidates, stakeholders and members of the general public through print and electronic media. It is charged with the responsibility of marketing as well as building the profile and image of ECZ. It also prepares timely and accurate information and education literature. The IEC Section prepares press statements on matters of public interest.

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