Information Technology

Information Technology (IT) Department at Examinations of Zambia (ECZ) is responsible for the maintenance and management of the Council’s Information Communication and Technology (ICT) Infrastructure, Software and Data.  The Department also provides IT Solutions which contributes towards the timely and efficient manner in which the Council achieves its objectives. This includes accounting, registration of candidates, printing of attendance registers and mark sheets. The Department is headed by the Assistant Director. The IT Department is also responsible for the computer marking of the Grade 7 Composite Examination as well as the processing and production of all examination results including the printing of certificates.

The IT Department is divided into two main units as:

  1.               Software Development and Examination Processing Support Unit;

This unit is headed by a Systems Manager.  unit is responsible for the development, maintenance and enhancement of Computer Software; In conjunction with the Examination Administration Department (EAD), the unit is also responsible for the computer related tasks that are associated to the full cycle of Examination Processing, as well as the management of Student Records; The unit also provides support and training services on the usage of Examination Processing Software to both internal and external users.

  1.               ICT Infrastructure Maintenance and General User Support Unit;

The unit is headed by a Systems and Database Administrator. It is The second unit is responsible for the maintenance of the Computer Hardware, Local Area Network, System Software, Security Issues, Databases, as well as the safe storage of Data. The unit also provides internal training and general support services to all computer users.

Specific High Level Functions for the Department

  • Development of ICT Strategies to support the Council’s Mission and Core Objectives;
  • Development of ICT Policy Guidelines, Procedures and Standards to ensure proper and efficient utilization of ICT Resources;
  • Advise management and ensure the Council continues to benefit from ICT Solutions in an ever changing technology;
  • Planning, designing and development of new software applications, as well as enhancements of existing applications;
  • Maintenance, Enhancement and Management of the Council’s ICT Infrastructure (Hardware & Software), to ensure that ICT Services are available to the users;
  • Provide a secure and stable environment for the Council’s ICT Resources, including Computer Systems, Applications and Databases;
  • Plan and provide for Disaster Recovery Procedures;
  • Management of Service Level Agreements (SLA) with external ICT Service Providers to ensure that agreed targets and standards are met;
  • Provide day to day supports services to the users of ICT Infrastructure, Software and Data;
  • Provide internal training to computer users so as to improve computer literacy within the institution;
  • To undertake candidate registration, marks entry and processing, release of results and associated activities;
  • To provide various reports / information that would normally be used by management for decision making and planning.

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