Vision and Mission

Vision, Mission and Goals

The driving force of the vision of the Examinations Council of Zambia is the National vision and the vision of the Ministry of Education Science Vocational Training and Early Education. The achievement of the vision of the country of becoming a prosperous middle-income country by 2030 requires an enlightened, educated and skilled population. To this end, the Ministry has made it a priority to provide innovative and productive life-long education and training accessible to all by 2030. To achieve its vision, the Ministry is taking measures for providing opportunities, in an equitable and accessible manner, education and skills training for sustainable livelihood and development. In support of these efforts, the Council aspires to provide:-

Vision Statement

The Examinations Council of Zambia will be a leading examining board in providing accurate and timely assessment and certification systems reflective of the competencies of learners and the education system in a prospering economy. In pursuit of this vision outlined above: Mission Statement The Examinations Council of Zambia will be a leading examining board in providing an effective and efficient system for setting and conducting assessments of comparable international standards

The Council will strive to attain its Vision and Mission guided by national priorities and commitments as enshrined in such instruments as the National Vision, the National Development Plans and the Ministry of Education Policy documents.

The Goals

In order to realize the mission during the implementation period of the Strategic Plan (2009-2015), the Council will pursue the following goals:

Develop and use appropriate assessment schemes including formulation of examinations syllabi
Improve efficiency and effectiveness in the general management and conduct of assessments and examinations
Enhance the institutional capacity to effectively and efficiently discharge the core functions
Issue certificates on time and continuously enhance authenticity features of certificates through security printing that addresses the challenges brought about by the emerging technologies
Conduct empirical and applied research that provides diagnostic information on the education system performance in order to influence evidence based decision making and enhance professional advisory services to other organisations on assessment, testing and research.
Develop a robust institutional support service delivery system that ensures efficient and effective conduct of assessments.
Develop a proactive institutional framework and mechanisms for informing, educating and communicating to the stakeholders and the general public on critical issues of the Examinations Council of Zambia.

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