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The Uganda National Examinations Board (UNEB) hosted the Examinations Council of Zambia (ECZ) Officers who were on Benchmarking visit to Uganda from 8th May 2017 to 12th May 2017. The ECZ was represented by the ECZ Deputy Director – Mr. William M. Kapambwe and the Principal Examinations Officer, Processing and Certification – Mr. Albert S. Siamunako.

The Benchmarking Visit had the following areas of discussion:

  1. UNEB Organisation Structure
  2. Strategic Planning
  3. Skills gap Analysis, Capacity Building and Staff development
  4. Funding and financial Sustainability strategies employed by UNEB
  5. Test Development and Item Banking
  6. Printing and Distribution of Examination Materials
  7. Registration, Results Processing and Certification
  8. The Marking Process
  9. Types of Examination Malpractices, Policies and Mechanisms to
  10. deal with them
  11. Awards Meetings
  12. Post Examination Services Offered by the UNEB and challenges
  13. Teacher Education Assessment
  14. Time Tabling

The visit was important in order for the ECZ to stay current with regional and international standards, such benchmark visits are important as lessons learnt herein help in institutional growth and planning. The ECZ has set itself on a transformation agenda through innovations and reforms to develop creative examinations administration interventions and champion stakeholder engagement in the education sector and beyond to make progressive decisions that will enhance public service delivery systems and processes in a quest to attain vision 2030.