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The Examinations Council of Zambia (ECZ) has opened a Service Centre in Chipata today Monday, 14th October 2019. This is the 5th Service Centre to be opened by the Council.

The services being offered at the Centre to members of the public includes: Certification of results, replacement of lost/damaged certificates, accumulation of GCE certificates, combination of Grade 9 statements of results, equating of foreign qualifications to the Zambian standards, renewal and registration of examination centre status, as well as pre and post examination queries.

The Chipata Service Centre is located at the Provincial Resource Centre along Umozi Highway within the premises of the Hillside Girls Secondary School just opposite the Zambia Police Service Headquarters.

The Chipata Service Centre is our humble gift to the people of Eastern Province as the nation celebrates its 55th Independence Anniversary.

Let us all spread the good word.


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