Primary (G7)

The Grade 7 Composite Examination is an examination administered to candidates countrywide in order for them to be proceed to Grade 8. Prior to examinations, the candidates are accorded the opportunity to choose the Secondary School they opt to be enrolled after passing examinations.. The candidates are only guaranteed admission to the secondary School of their choice if they meet the cut-off point. The examination numbers at this level are allocated at the time of registration and the number is only valid during that year.

The Subjects offered are;
Creative and Technology Studies
Integrated Science
Social and Development Studies
Special Papers 1 and 2
Zambian Language (optional)

The Grade 7 Examination is composite because it a multiple choice type of assessment and candidate results are subjected to a selection process in order to progress to the Secondary School of their choice if they meet the cut-off point. Selection process to Grade eight (8) is such that the candidate must have passes in any four (4) subjects plus the Special Papers 1 and 2. The total comes to six (6) subjects in order for them to obtain a certificate. The cut-off point is determined by various education stakeholders based on the available school spaces in a given year. This means that cut-off points vary from one place to the next. Candidates who meet the examinations are awarded a certificate.

2014 Examinations Council Of Zambia, By HashCode