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Verification of results is:

  • K100 per copy for individuals
  • K20 per copy for Institutions

Following Government pronouncement of free education in Public and Grant Aided schools, the following is the guidance with regard to payment of examination fees;

The following shall not pay examination fees:

(a)     Candidates in Public Schools;

(b)     Candidates in Grant Aided schools.

(c)     Candidates in private schools shall pay the following amounts as examination fees:

          Name of Examination

Amount (K)

Grade 7 Composite Examination


Junior Secondary School Leaving Exam


School Certificate (G12) Examination


Candidates for the Grade 9 External and General Certificate of Education (GCE) Examination are required to pay the following examination fees:

          Name of Examination

Subject Fee (K)

Entry Fee (K)

Grade 9 External Examination



General Certificate of Education (GCE) Examination



All examination fees must be paid through the Payment Gateway, as stated in the 2022 Guidelines and Regulations for Registration of Candidates.

Please note that payment of examination fees in any other ways not stipulated in the Guidelines causes the registration process to remain incomplete. The ECZ shall not entertain any wrongly deposited fees.


The ECZ requires the following documents in order to replace any lost documents issued by the Council:

  1. A police report for loss of vital documents
  2. A letter from the school indicating that one collected their certificate or statement of results
  3. A sworn in affidavit (accessible from any commissioner for oaths)

The documents should be submitted at any of our Customer Service Centres upon payment/depositing of the replacement fee:

  • G12, GCE or Teacher Education    – K1,200 for lost/damaged certificate
  • Grade 9                                          – K650 for lost/damaged certificate
  • Grade 7                                          – K260 for lost/damaged certificate

The ECZ does NOT add names or remove names on certificates.

According to our Service Charter, issuing of a duplicate certificate is done within 15 working days after receipt of required documents and applicable payment.

ECZ only accumulates results for GCE. School Certificate results and GCE results cannot be combined.

According to ECZ policy, we do not combine Grade 12 results but we combine GCE Certificates in order for you to have an Accumulated GCE Certificate. The Grade 12 Results and GCE Results are two different sets of results undertaken at different intervals with different conditions within the examination cycle. You can visit any of our service centre to access the service. The accumulation of GCE Certificates is K1000 and takes 15 working days for the document to be ready.

As a matter of policy, we do not change names on Certificates. This is standard practice globally in most examining boards. We only amend names before the Certificates are printed. This is why when the examination results are officially announced by the Ministry of General Education, the ECZ issues out statements of results. Those results slips are given so that you check if the names, subjects and any other personal information are correct. The period in which the ECZ attends to such queries is within five months after the results have been announced.

Certificates are collected from schools/centres. In an event that a school/centre winds up operation, they are required to hand over all documentations relating to the school/centre to the Ministry of Education in the district. With the foregoing the candidate should get in touch with the District Education Board Secretary (DEBS) to pursue the said certificate.

The replacement of a lost or damaged Certificate is done from any ECZ Service Centres. You will need to submit

  • A Police Report, an Affidavit,
  • A photocopy of the lost results or a letter from the School confirming that the Certificate was collected from the school.
  • You also need to pay applicable certificate card replacement fee depending on the level. For Grade 7 – K200, Grade 9 – K650, Grade 12/GCE/TED – K1200.

A statement of results becomes invalid once certificates are issued. Candidates are advised to visit their former school to collect their certificate. ECZ requires a photocopy of the certificate when you apply for verification at any of our Service Centre.

ECZ has decentralised its services in all the 10 Provinces in Zambia. We have offices in the following Provincial towns: Chipata, Mongu, Kasama, Mansa, Solwezi, Lusaka and Kabwe. Our other service centres are in Mpika, Livingstone and Kitwe.

Kindly be advised that examination fees are NOT transferable between candidates and sessions. This means that once a candidate pays, the fees are for that particular year of the examination.

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