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This department is responsible for high stake and large scale assessment surveys, planning and information. ECZ considers research as a vehicle for establishing empirical data that guides its planning and execution of its mandate.
The department is headed by the Director who is assisted by two (2) Principal Officers.
Through a team of skilled researchers and research tools, the department conducts surveys and  Pre-testing relevant for the education sector.  The department is also responsible for carrying out research on behalf of other institutions when requested to do so.
Some of the survey conducted on behalf of the stakeholder and the Government of Zambia includes (sample based on Grade 2, 5 and 9):

• National Assessment Survey (NAS)
• Early Grade Reading Assessment (EGRA)
• Early Grade Math Assessment (EGMA)
• Programme for International Students Assessment (PISA)
• Zambia Education Enhancement Project (ZEEP)

The work of this department has been instrumental in policy formulation and in informing the Government of the Republic of Zambia through the Ministry of Education and relevant stakeholders of the impact and results of policies and learning outcomes.
Support to undertake survey is complimented by many stakeholders such as the World Bank, USAID, UNICEF, Irish AID among others.

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